I am in Miami Florida

25 Jul

Hi All Miami is freakin awesome. I am having a blast we got our rental car and we drove straight to the beach. I am enjoying my self so much I still can not believe that I am in Miami Florida. Today we also walked the shops of  South Beach and tomorrow we plan to swim with the dolphins. I can not wait.

I hope that all of you guys are having a great day. I hear the night life here is really well so me and My girlfriend are planning to check that out tomorrow we are a little tired from the trip out here. It was like a 7 hour flight. That is long to still be in the U.S.  I hope that you guys are enjoying my life and I will talk to you guys soon.



Still Excited for Miami

23 Jul

Hey everyone I am still going to Miami and my girlfriend was able to get the days off to go. I was thinking that this blog might have brought me good luck so thank all of you for reading this and I leave tomorrow! Enough about Miami.

My Day was great I went shopping for my trip I ended up at some small boutique shops in Denver they are a lot of fun. Then I went to Old Navy to buy more cloths for everything for my trip. I planned more for our trip We are going to stay in South beach and we even got a rental car. This is going to be a great vacation thanks all of you guys who are just listening to me blab about my trip. If any of you are from Miami and want to give me any pointers just let me know.

Till tomorrow everyone I hope that I will still be able to write to you guys but I will be in Miami so who knows. Cheers

Day 3 I am Back with a surprise

22 Jul

Hy Everyone I am super excited I just won two free tickets to Miami Florida! I am so excited I am going to take off  work and I hope that my girlfriend can also go because we are going to leave in two days.  So I hope that I can keep up with my blog because I will be staying pretty busy on south beach.

So I have been checking out what we should be doing while we are in Miami and it seems like a lot of shopping and beach life. I cant wait just to chill on the beach with a umbrella in my drink this is going to be great I am cant believe how excited I am. When the heat is on I’m going to Miami. Thats me.

Well the rest of my day is nothing to speak of compared to this so I will wait tell tomorrow to give you the rest of the details.


Day 2 of my great blog

21 Jul

Hey everyone this is day two i almost forgot to post today. It is my second day so give me a little bit of a break. I  went on a hike today in Breckenridge Colorado it was great if you have never been there it is an Amazing city. It is exactly like Aspen Colorado but it is a lot cheaper so I like Breckenridge. I did something cute for my girl friend today I went to King soopers and wanted flowers but I was atracted to this machine I left with vases and flowers. However my girl friend love them all.

Then we went to dinner at my favorite restaurant Chipotle I think that I got this because of the flowers so I might need to do this more often lol.  Besides all of that I worked for 4 hours and just did the normal routine, Eat sleep, you know the normal things.

Well I hope that you enjoyed my day I will be talking more tomorrow so unitll then.


I am new to blogging

20 Jul

Hey my fellow bloggers I a m new to this bloggin thing but I am going to talk about my life and see what is going in the world. Feel free to post anything you want. I am excited to get started ding this but I have no idea what to expect the world is endless so we can find out where I  am going to take this blog. This should be great  I am jack and I am From Denver Colorado.  I enjoy the out doors and cars so  i will probably post a lot of things about this.

But I think that is enough about me I dont want to tell you guys to much on the first day. So everyone I will write something tomorrow so be prepared.

Hello world!

20 Jul

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